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  • What is a Listing and Transaction Coordinator?
    A listing coordinator manages the listing process to help you sell homes more quickly. A listing coordinator tends to the details that you do not want, need, or have time to tend to. We take the listing from the beginning stage of the seller deciding to list with you (signing listing documents) to the listing being complete, active, and ready to market to the public via your unique marketing plan. A transaction coordinator, or TC, oversees and manages each stage of the transaction from contract to closing, while also performing the administrative duties required during each stage. A good, full service TC should be able to completely take a contract off of your hands, with the exception of any renegotiations of terms of the contract. See our Services page for a complete list of duties for the contract to close process. It's extensive!
  • How do I Know It's Time to Hire List to Close?
    - Is your paperwork getting in the way of you making more money? - Are your closings being delayed because you forgot or didn’t have time to follow up on an issue? - Are details slipping through the cracks (ie: forgetting to turn in deposits, order termite inspections, home warranties, or picking up escrow checks)? - Do you feel like you spend half of your time waiting for a reply or documents from another agent, buyer, seller, lender or title company? - Is managing the never-ending details of a listing or contract keeping you away from your family and friends? - Are you getting listings but don’t have time to input them during the work day? - Are you new to real estate and want to make sure your first deal isn’t your last? - Are you are ready to give yourself a RAISE and be paid for your expertise instead of your admin skills? - Do you want to increase your productivity? -Do you want to grow your business but can’t find the time? If so, we need to talk! Call Brooke for a FREE consultation! 225.317.9295
  • Who is List to Close?
    List to Close is an independent, full service listing and transaction coordination company that can assist agents from any real estate brokerage. Our goal is to give you your time back, while still providing an amazing customer experience for your clients. As a result, you will grow your business and receive repeat and referral business, while spending LESS TIME working "in your business."
  • Why Should I Use List to Close?
    1. We are licensed and carry additional E&O insurance 2. Pay As You Go - Pay per listing or contract, rather than hiring an employee - You can use our services as much or as little as you need 3. Plug and Play - We have our own internal systems, tools, and training to help our TCs manage any and all transactions 4. Low Cost - Your only cost is our fee - We cover all training, vacation, holidays, taxes, office space, equipment, and programs for our TCs Brooke Stevens has been a licensed real estate agent and has sold real estate for over 10 years. She understands the importance of streamlining your paperwork process and adhering to the legal deadlines and countless details of real estate agreements, all while also providing an excellent customer service experience to your clients. We're organized and ready to help you make your transaction process as smooth and effortless as possible!
  • How Will We Help You Make More Money?
    An agent typically spends between 15-20 hours of their time on the entire contract to close process. If you close even 2-3 contracts per month, that is 30-60 hours per month that you can earn back by using List to Close. That is over a full-time work week! Time that can be spent taking care of what is important to you, like: -Focusing on the parts of your business that actually generate revenue -Getting new business -Following up with leads -Loving on current/past clients -Hiring/Training team members -Spending time with family -Traveling or going on vacation -Giving back to your community
  • What Sets Us Apart from Other Listing and Transaction Coordinators?
    - We are licensed. As licensed agents, we are a second set of licensed eyes on all of your contract documents. We know when a disclosure or an addendum should have been included and was not. We know when a specific inspection should be done and the timeframe for that inspection. We know the right questions to ask the lenders and title companies to find out the actual status of your file. - We are insured, carrying additional E&O insurance beyond that of a licensed agent. - We communicate with your clients in a professional manner by their preferred method of contact. - We will prepare and send your repair requests/responses for execution during office hours. Most TCs will not assist with repair documents at all. - We don’t just perform administrative tasks. We stay on top of the status of your file, even following up with the lender and title company weekly, regardless of the side of the transaction you represent. We know the status of your file at all times. - We review the Closing Disclosure for you prior to closing. - We do more than copy and paste. We write public remarks for listings. We also look up any missing information (ie: lot size, flood zone) and what we cannot find, we will ask you for. - We send weekly reports to you and your clients. These reports can be sent as often as you like or on specific days of the week. We will soon have agent and client portals available, where you will have the ability to login at anytime to see the status of all of your transactions at once!
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