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Contract to Close

  • Weekly progress report for you and your clients

  • Weekly follow-up with lender and title, regardless of side

  • Audit contract for compliance / correct any discrepancies

  • Update MLS status (for listings)

  • Introductory emails with executed contract, applicable addenda, and contract timeframes to all parties

  • Coordinate deposit

  • Submit commission to brokerage, as needed

  • Process documents for brokerage compliance

  • Schedule ALL necessary inspections with all parties (home, termite, septic, water well)

  • Ensure all inspection deadlines are met

  • Ensure inspection certificates and recertifications are received as needed

  • Prepare and coordinate the execution of repair requests/responses

  • Confirm buyer makes loan application

  • Open title and submit commission disbursement

  • Prepare and coordinate the execution of any addenda related to changes in the terms of the contract (price changes, closing dates, etc)

  • Coordinate appraisal and oversee appraisal results

  • Collect receipts for repairs

  • Order home warranty

  • Confirm loan approval

  • Schedule final walk through

  • Coordinate utility information with all parties

  • Confirm CD/TRID requirements are med and ensure CTC is received

  • Schedule closing

  • Review ALTA/HUD prior to closing

  • Submit closing documents to brokerage for compliance

Full service and limited service packages available.

Please contact us for pricing and a complete list of tasks.

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